Science takes to the streets at the fourth annual Beer, Science and Good Spirits event which takes place on June 19, and is organized by the Weizmann Institute of Science and the municipality of Rehovot.

Thirty Weizmann Institute scientists and research students will take to the bars, restaurants and cafes in Rehovot, to lecture on some of the most exciting scientific developments taking place today.

Topics under discussion include: Is it possible to produce body parts? How do astronomers study the secrets of the universe? Why is there still no cure for cancer? How is groundwater maintained? What is a quantum computer, and how may it change the computing world? How did life begin? Can computers predict the future? What is the connection between the biological clock and diseases like diabetes and cancer?

The event was first held four years ago to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Rehovot, and was so successful that it became an annual event. The Weizmann Institute is a world-renowned center for science and technology research, with around 2,500 scientists.