January 12, 2015
Kiq stands for Keep It Quiet.
Kiq stands for Keep It Quiet.

Super Bowl XLIX will produce more than one extremely loud television-watching party. That’s where the new Israeli Kiq: Ultimate Wireless Audio Solution – now being crowdfunded on an indiegogo campaign — comes in. It’s a plug-and-go device to keep the peace at home and between neighbors.

Kiq, which stands for Keep It Quiet, is a little lighter-sized jack that transmits sound from any audio source directly to your smartphone. It allows for people watching TV or listening to music to keep the volume as loud as they want without disturbing everyone else.

And it makes those pricey wireless headphones redundant.

After plugging Kiq into the TV (or computer, DVD player, sound system, etc.), sound is transmitted via Wi-Fi to a smartphone app. Each user can select a volume at which to listen to the game via the phone’s headset.

If one user gets a call mid-way, the others in the room can still continue watching the game uninterrupted.

Should Kiq successfully raise the $40,000 it seeks, your living room could look like this come Game Day in the future: A group of football fans, each listening to the game at personalized volume levels, and everyone happy.

Another Israeli product now being crowdfunded is Closure, a product for keeping headphone cables from getting tangled.

Closure is not the only contraption of its kind on the market, but its young high-tech designers claim they’ve “got the perfect model,” made of rubber and weighing less than three grams.

They’re hoping to raise $10,000 during their campaign.

And if you’re looking for original music to hear on your earphones, the Israeli crowdfunding site Headstart is always brimming with new album projects.

Try the Djamschid Sisters, the Jerusalem singer-songwriter-musicians with a unique pop-acoustic sound.

Or Hila Saada , the actress-turned-singer who is wowing local radio stations with her powerful voice.

Or the seven-piece Windmen band, which offers something unique to the Israeli music scene.

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