American art photographer Spencer Tunick has revealed his first image from a shoot he did last month at the Dead Sea. The ‘Naked Sea’ photo is meant to promote voting for the Dead Sea as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

Tunick's Dead Sea

Photographer Spencer Tunick’s ‘Naked Sea’.

“We’re thrilled to reveal the premier image of Naked Sea,” said Ari Fruchter and Shlomit Yarkoni, the initiators of the project. “Through the art of Spencer Tunick we were able to reach over 500 million people around the world with a new positive image of Israel and an important environmental message. We look forward to continuing to work with Spencer to prepare a full museum exhibition of his work.”

Some 1,200 people took part in the September photo shoot.

“Israel is not a theocracy it is a democracy and the only place in the Middle East that I could create this art,” said Spencer Tunick. “Thanks to the participants efforts the world has a new image of Israel as an open and vibrant democracy. Israelis are some of the most beautiful, warm, educated, open minded and peaceful people that I have ever worked with.”