An Israeli scientist says he has developed a code that is impossible to crack to keep online data secure.

Dr. Jacob Scheuer of Tel Aviv University says that his unique fiber optic laser system can keep online data safe and secure for years to come with an information security system that can beat hackers by using binary lock-and-key information in the form of light pulses – a code impossible to crack by anyone except the sender and receiver.

His finding may be the key to government, banking and private information security for the foreseeable future.

“Rather than developing the lock or the key, we’ve developed a system which acts as a type of key bearer,” he explains.

Sheuer has found a way to transmit a binary code (the key bearer) in the form of 1s and 0s, but using light and lasers instead of numbers. The sender and receiver can distinguish between the signals, but they look identical to an eavesdropper.

“We’ve already published the theoretical idea and now have developed a preliminary demonstration in my lab… We were able to demonstrate that, if it’s done right, the system could be absolutely secure,” says Scheuer.