Two Israeli professors and an engineer are the winners of a new $10,000 award for their amazing inventions including an injectable form of chemotherapy; a metal ligament prosthesis; and a bendable plastic touch screen display for smartphones.

Professor Dan Peer, of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Cell Research and Immunology, developed the groundbreaking  “cancer bullet” an injectable form of patient-friendly chemotherapy treatment that targets only diseased cells.

Prof. Shlomo Magdassi, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, won the prize for inventing a bendable plastic touch screen display for smartphones. The display can be made with a commercial inkjet printer, reducing the number of manufacturing steps by 80 percent.

Idan Tobis invented a metal ligament prosthesis that dramatically  reduces the recovery time of arthroscopic procedures.

The inaugural awards ceremony took place in New York recently.

“Our first annual Untold News Awards showcases three amazing inventors whom the jury and I feel will unequivocally make a mark on the global stage,” said Marcella Rosen founder of Untold News.