Rachel Neiman
January 9, 2015

Stormy weather generally drives people to indoors but photographers are a different breed. Clouds, wind and rain provide dramatic field conditions that make for fantastic photos and this week’s inclement weather sent Tel Aviv shutterbugs out in droves, all in search of that one great shot.

Photographer Elyssa Frank went out to the Tel Aviv port as the storm was coming in. Sand bars had already formed as the country bade farewell to the sun, at least for a few days…


Seagulls gathered in formation in anticipation of the incoming stormy weather…


The port and beachfront cafes, generally packed with people, were open but desolate…


The storm moved in and drenched the boardwalk…


With more precipitation on the way, there’s no telling how much damage this storm — which Frank has nicknamed “Delilah” — will inflict. We’ll wait and see.


Elyssa Frank authors MADE IN ISRAEL, a photo collection that is, in her words, “a visual love letter; capturing the thriving culture, nation and people of Israel”. For more images, visit her Facebook page and Instagram feed.


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