Abigail Klein Leichman
November 12, 2018

More than 50 exhibitions by hundreds of Israeli illustrators, designers and artists will be open to the public, mostly free of charge, during the fifth edition of Illustration Week in Tel Aviv, November 15-24, 2018.

The brainchild of founder and chief curator Yuval Saar, Illustration Week exhibitions will feature exhibitions in galleries, museums and alternative venues throughout the city including Old Jaffa, Rothschild Boulevard, the Eretz Israel Museum and more.

Yonatan Hirschfeld blends animals and familiar artifacts to create illustrations of surprising animals in his book “Hayotiut” (Animal Letters), to be shown at Hanina Gallery. Photo: courtesy

Here are 10 of the shows planned:

The Best of Illustration Week 2018, an installation of 60 lightboxes in Old Jaffa’s Street Gallery (Mazal Dagim and Mazal Aryeh streets), open 24/7.

Illustration: A Story, 30 illustrated books for adults and children, Beit Kandinof (14 HaTzorfim St.), Monday to Saturday, 10am to 1am.

An image from “Illustration: A Story,” by Nofar Grad. Photo: courtesy

A Family Gathering, featuring contemporary jewelry designs by lecturers and graduates of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Old Jaffa Museum (10 Mifratz Shlomo St.), Sunday to Tuesday, 4-7pm; Wednesday and Thursday, 11-7 Friday and Saturday, 10-2.

BCE, an illustrative study of timekeeping practices from geographical, botanical and astronomical perspectives, Itay Noy’s Clock Studio (16 Mazal Aryeh St.), Sunday to Thursday, 2-5; Friday, noon to 2.

The Future Home, illustrations by architects, illustrators and designers, Architect’s House Gallery (15 HaMigdalor St.), Sunday to Thursday, 10-10; Friday and Saturday, 10-3.

Old Wives’ Tales, where 14 illustrators offer a tribute to grandmothers of yore, Cuckoo’s Nest (3 Noam St.), Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 7-11pm; Friday (Nov. 16), 12:30-5:30.

I’ll try to plan everything by end of the next week the latest dear Istvan…would that be OK for you?

Shanghai WomenStories of Aristocracy, conveyed through brief stories by illustrator Jonathan Katz, Alla Rampa (21 HaAmal St.), Sunday, 7pm-2am; Monday to Saturday, noon to 2pm.

Into the Deep, Osnat Feitelson’s posters depicting a personal-metaphorical journey to the ocean floor, Gelada Studio (3 Simtat Beit HaBad), Monday to Wednesday, noon to 7pm; Thursday until 11pm; Friday until 3pm; Saturday, 2-10pm.

Crushed, Anat Martkovich’s display of city litter displayed next to silk-printed illustrations, Beit Romano, Heder Gallery at Teder.FM (9 Jaffa Road), Monday to Thursday, 8-11pm; Saturday, 4-8.

Hugging for Beginners, sketches and illustrations for a self-published book about a dialog that takes place in downtown Tel Aviv between a senior citizens center and a group of preschools, Zucker Center (48 Rashi St.), Sunday and Wednesday, 8am-7pm; Monday, Tuesday and Thursday until 4pm.

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