In a unique trans-Atlantic event, people in Tel Aviv Port and New York’s Times Square shared a cultural experience, watched each other and communicated directly in real-time, on huge screens.

The event, sponsored by Israel’s leading telecommunications provider Bezeq and the Tel Aviv Municipality took place from October 6 to 8.

The unique interactive transatlantic event was made possible with Bezeq’s new NGN (Next Generation Network), the most advanced broadband network in Israel that enables ultra-fast surfing speeds.

New Yorkers and Israelis were able to watch performances of singers, bands and dancers from both countries. The mayors of the two cities greeted the audiences, there were creative workshops for children and chefs from SUSHISAMBA restaurants in NYC and Tel Aviv prepared sushi and cocktails.

New Yorkers and Tel Avivians also competed in a transatlantic virtual tug-of-war, where special software measured the rope pulling on each side and operated an engine that simulated the opponents on both sides of the ocean.