Tel Aviv and Berlin, both known for their startup-friendly infrastructure, have announced a new initiative that will enhance existing cooperation between the two metropolises.

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, a public-private partnership keen on development for companies, investors and scientific institutions in Berlin, and Tel Aviv Global, a municipal company managed directly under the office of the Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo, say their new startup exchange program will give startups free co-working spaces in both cities; advice on visas, regulations and legal issues around starting up companies in both Israel and Germany; and help connect each other’s startup ecosystems.

“This is a really exciting time for both German and Israeli entrepreneurs and startups,” said Hila Oren, CEO and Founder of Tel Aviv Global. “Tel Aviv is the Startup City of the Startup Nation, and we see a huge amount of foreign companies looking to be part of the amazingly innovative culture we have here.  We’re thrilled to sign this agreement with our partners in Berlin and are looking forward to welcoming German entrepreneurs to our nonstop city.”

Tel Aviv and Berlin representatives sign new startup exchange program. Photo courtesy of Tel Aviv Municipality
Tel Aviv and Berlin representatives announce new startup exchange program. Photo courtesy of Tel Aviv Municipality

Tel Aviv will let German startups use space at The Library free of charge for up to four weeks. Israeli startups will be given a free seat at Berlin co-working spaces such as T-Labs, Rainmaking Loft or the Betahaus.

“Startups from Berlin can benefit from the exchange program because they get the opportunity to get in contact with high innovative companies and investors from Tel Aviv. Startups from Tel Aviv can start their international strategy entering the European market from out of Berlin and get in touch with German industry. If two cities that are so dynamic and full of young people with creative spirit work together – everything is possible,” said Andrea Joras, Managing Director of Berlin Partner.

In related news, Berlin Partner and Tel Aviv Global held a pitch competition and chose the first startup from Tel Aviv to take part in the new exchange program. Pzartech — a distributed 3D printing service that enables manufacturers to provide end parts, spare parts and customized parts locally to their customers – won flights to Berlin and a 10-day stay.

​”Following a test with a leading Israeli manufacturer, Pzartech is looking forward to work with German manufacturers. We’re enthusiastic about spending time in Berlin high-tech ecosystem and hopeful that ​it will provide us with the opportunity to collaborate with German companies,” said Jeremie Brabet-Adonajlo, co-founder of Pzartech.