As the storm came rolling in last week, Tel Aviv-based filmmaker and photographer Basti Hansen decided to do everyone a favor. “I figured that everyone in Tel Aviv is hiding out at home during the storm so I thought it could be cool if they get to see how beautiful the beach is during the storm — in real-time through social media — while being warm and safe at home on the couch”.

The result is a series of magnificent images, entitled Tel Aviv Storm. “You don’t see nature that raw and beautiful every day in Tel Aviv,” says Hansen, who adds that he captured the shots, edited them “super quick” and posted them online.

For example, this unedited screen grab that was uploaded directly online from the Tel Aviv beachfront.


Hansen says he’s received fantastic response from his target audience of warm and dry couch-potatoes, who are surely grateful for his efforts.





The full Tel Aviv Storm series can be viewed here.

In addition to photography and videography, Hansen plays in a band and is also creator of 20 Seconds, a video portrait series that profiles a single person in motion picture format each week.

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