Abigail Klein Leichman
October 18, 2023

In response to the recent Hamas terror attacks that have left many Israeli children bereaved of one or both parents, a team of startup founders in Israel and the United States has launched the Israeli Children’s Fund.

“These children, now wholly or partially without parental love, guidance, and support, are the driving force behind the establishment of the Israeli Children’s Fund (ICF),” the founders explained.

“With a commitment of $100K for each orphaned child coupled with mentorship and support, we will empower these children to thrive emotionally and give rise to a new, resilient generation by mending the wounds of the past.”

The first priority for the ICF is to provide for the current financial needs of the guardian families now responsible for the care of these children, from birth to age 20.

The longer-term goal is to “build a community of support around orphaned children affected by acts of terrorism, to create a network of resources and opportunities for them to thrive.”

ICF’s team of nonprofit leaders and executives “combines business acumen with compassion, ensuring efficient and impactful utilization of resources. Our current leadership team had raised over $1.5 billion in commercial and non-profit capacities.”

The ICF has pledged that “for every child under our care, we will commit a significant, unparalleled level of resources, to ensure that every contribution has a profound and lasting effect. This intensive investment is geared not just for immediate relief but also for sustained impact, paving the way for their future growth, well-being, and success.”

They say that every donor will be able to learn more about the individual child the donation is helping, ensuring transparency and a personal connection for the donor.

Startup founders launch fund for orphaned Israeli kids
Illustrative photo of children in Israel. Photo by Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90

The 16 people behind this initiative are:

  • Tomer Levy, founder and CEO of Logz.io
  • Amit Rosenzweig, founder and CEO of Ottopia
  • Michal Latzer, founder and CEO of Tweed
  • Yehuda Kogan, founder and CEO of Lin Health
  • Tom Livne, founder and CEO of Verbit
  • Raz Abramov, founder of EverC
  • Yinon Costica, founder and CEO of Wiz
  • Assaf Levy, VP at NetApp
  • Maya Orlicky, head of Revolut Israel
  • Elad Ferber, founder and CEO of Synthpop
  • Ido Ivry, founder and CTO of Zencity
  • Yair Geva, partner/head of tech at Herzog, Fox and Neeman
  • Eyal Niv, managing partner of Pitango
  • Shani Zanescu, venture partner at Jibe
  • Yardenne Assa, CEO of Unboxable
  • Ido Wiesenberg, founder and CEO of Voyantis

According to CalcalistTech, all participating companies in the project are volunteering resources and will recruit employees to serve as virtual mentors for the orphaned children.

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