Sol Chip, the Israeli company behind the development of an innovative solar operated battery, recently took the Technical Development Award Winner in the 2013 IDTechEx Energy Harvesting & Storage and Wireless Sensor Networks exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

Sol Chip developed a cost-effective, compact solar battery technology that integrates solar energy sources with low power electronic devices. The device has a wide range of applications.

A portfolio company of the Mofet Venture Accelerator owned by The Trendlines Group, Sol Chip’s patent-protected technology eliminates the need for a solar panel area and its miniaturized solution provides perpetual power for wireless sensor and mobile electronics.

”We are very honored to receive this award of Best Technical Development of Energy Harvesting. With Sol Chip’s technology, we have succeeded to integrate solar cells with the semiconductor industry. The result is that from now on, any electronic device can harvest its own energy from the environment and become a maintenance-free, autonomous device which contributes to a cleaner environment. This is one more step towards a world that is cleaner, greener and less energy-dependent”, said Dr. Shani Keysar, Sol Chip’s CEO.

At the IDTechEx conference, the leading and largest event in energy harvesting and storage technologies, Sol Chip officially launched its product and demonstrated the use of its technology in multiple market segments including RFID, IoT (Internet of things), agriculture, security and industrial wireless sensors.

Sol Chip is presently on a six-city tour of the US with the Trendlines Group Agritech Road Show, and is showcasing the company’s technology and products to investors and potential strategic partners.