Brian Blum
January 28, 2012
Imad and his dad (without the snake)

Indiana Jones famously didn’t like snakes. Neither, apparently, did a one-year-old baby in Israel: he bit off its head and killed it.

The kid is Imad Gadir from Shfaram. At some point in the early hours of the morning, little Imad noticed a “coin snake” in his bedroom. Whether acting out of some self-defense instinct or just being curious, Imad put the snake in his mouth and took a nice bite.

As Imad is only one, he isn’t telling whether the snake was tasty or not, but his mother certainly had another opinion. According to Ynet, mom said, “I went to the kitchen to get him some milk, and when I came back I saw he was already eating.” She then “screamed until the neighbors came.”

Imad’s grandpa Shaheen added, “”It wasn’t a pretty sight. He’s a baby, he didn’t know what he was doing. He thought it was a game.”

“Luckily for him, the coin snake isn’t poisonous, otherwise it could have ended in a tragedy,” Ynet quoted veteran snake catcher Eli Cohen. This type of reptile chokes his prey, Cohen added. “If it was a bigger snake, the boy could have been strangled.”

Unless Indiana Jones conquered his fears, swooped in on a rope and saved the boy. In the meantime, we’re happy that Imad hadn’t eaten breakfast yet.

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