Nicky Blackburn
September 29, 2016

When Shimon Peres died yesterday, a light went out for us here at ISRAEL21c. Perhaps more than any other statesman, Peres embodied what we do. Throughout his long and accomplished life, he celebrated Israel, molding its progress and development, and searching always for the best and the brightest future for this fledgling country.

His pursuit of peace, his vision and drive to turn Israel into a technological leader, and his clear joy in the country’s many profound accomplishments, have been a beacon to us in our mission to share the best and most beautiful parts of Israeli life with the world.

“All my life I have worked to ensure that Israel’s future is based on science and technology as well as on an unwavering moral commitment,” Peres said when he laid the cornerstone of the Israeli Innovation Center in July. “They called me a dreamer. But today, when I look at Israel, we all can see clearly that the greater the dream, the more spectacular the results.”

At ISRAEL21c we will continue to share his dream; in our words, our photographs, our videos, and our exhibitions. We will continue to share Israel’s spectacular accomplishments with people in every corner of the globe, telling the story of how this tiny country, which Peres helped shape and guide for so many years, offers so much of value to our entire world.

May his memory be a blessing.

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Jason Harris

Jason Harris

Executive Director

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