December 14, 2007, Updated September 19, 2012

Relying on non-invasive technologies like lasers, light sources, and radio frequency, the Accent XL RF system presents a new standard in aesthetic medicine.When Kanye West’s mother, Donda, suddenly died last month of complications following cosmetic surgery, it helped raised the public awareness of the dangers of invasive operations for cosmetic purposes. But there alternatives for the nearly 11 million cosmetic surgery procedures performed last year in the US. Like Alma Lasers’ Accent.

Relying on non-invasive technologies like lasers, light sources, and radio frequency, the Accent XL RF system presents a new standard in aesthetic medicine, said Ziv Karni, Alma’s founder and president, from the Israeli company’s headquarters in Caesarea.

“The new concept is called body recontouring. You can reduce abdomen sizes, can have nice improvement in cellulite,” Karni told ISRAEL21c, adding that the Accent is especially useful for wrinkles and after liposuction when patients are often left with excess skin.

After prior approval and extensive usage throughout Europe and Asia, the Accent received FDA approval earlier this year, and has been well received, said Karni.

“Once we got the FDA approval, we sold more than 90 systems in the US, on top of the 3,000 systems we’ve installed worldwide,” he said.

“Non-invasive treatments are the largest and fastest growing category in aesthetic medicine,” emphasized Yariv Matzliach, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing for Alma, citing safety as one of the main attractions consumers have toward systems like the Accent.

“It’s a very safe system, we’ve treated thousands of customers without complaints,” said Karni. And just as importantly, “the treatment is painless.”

And unlike most other treatments, using the Accent system is fast and easy. With other non-invasive systems, even the simplest of procedure can require 20-30 follow up visits, countless hours, and equal amounts of pain and inconvenience. The Accent requires only two to three treatments, with each visit lasting no more than half an hour.

The Accent system combines two radio frequency modes into one device, making it more efficient and affordable for doctors. In the BiPolar mode, radio frequency (RF) energy penetrates the skin’s surface, which aids in the treatment of areas in which the skin is thin and delicate, such as the face. The other mode – unique to Alma – is their patented and proprietary UniPolar mode which delivers RF energy deep into the skin, treating large volume of tissue. Unlike other RF technologies, the Accent system doesn’t require disposable tips or grounding pads, thus treatments are clean, efficient, and economical.

Approved for use also in Australia, Latin America and Canada, the Accent is fast becoming a necessity for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, OB/GYNs and general practitioners.

“I often find the Accent system to be superior to prior generations of RF technology. It is also a remarkable breakthrough that the system is painless and requires no anesthesia,” said Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, a New York dermatologist, in a testimonial for the company.

Alma Lasers was recently named Israel’s 9th fastest growing company in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 program, making the list for the third straight year.

“We believe the recent launch of the Accent XL radio frequency system for the treatment of wrinkles and cellulite, is a perfect example of our success,” said Alma CEO Howard Kelly.

With its Caesarea base, and with a sister company in Chicago, Alma Lasers was established six years ago as a high end aesthetic market. Alma’s diverse line of products includes a multi-application product called Harmony for skin rejuvenation, hair removal, and acne treatment. It can also reduce lost pigment and treat psoriasis.

Their Soprano system provides virtually painless hair removal. Unique among its competitors, the Soprano system is able to treat darker skinned patients, such as African-Americans, without the complications associated with other systems.


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