September 27, 2010, Updated September 24, 2012
Breast cancer research

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as the charity Susan Komen for the Cure comes to Israel for the first time for a series of events, ISRAEL21c takes a look at some of the groundbreaking research being carried out in the country in the fight against breast cancer.

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Israelis join Komen for the Cure

Israeli NGOs join the world’s largest breast cancer organization to fight breast cancer with a series of events in October.

In Israel, medicine is getting personal

Cutting through the hype, zeroing in on challenges strengths and setbacks, ISRAEL21c reviews the growing field of personalized medicine in Israel.

Killing cancer, without killing healthy cells

A new molecular-level imaging technology from Israel can detect diseases in the cells themselves, and target cancer cells directly, without harming healthy ones.

Closing in on cancer

An Israeli researcher has stumbled on a drug that kills cancer cells without harming normal cells, paving the way for a more effective treatment against cancer.

Sniffing out cancer and kidney disease

Israeli scientists have developed an ‘electronic nose’ that can detect cancer and kidney disease simply by testing breath samples.

Israelis forge a path in the fight against cancer

In the war on cancer, Israeli research could have a major impact courtesy of the Israel Cancer Research Foundation, which is handing out seven-year grants to Israeli scientists working in this field. Since it was founded in 1975, 1,600 Israeli labs have won grants, leading to a number of promising new drugs and breakthroughs in research.

Taking an individual approach to breast cancer treatment

Israeli researchers have developed a new MRI and ultrasound application that can identify maligant tumors before they metastasize, enabling doctors to customize treatment for every breast cancer patient.

Israeli study finds happiness cuts breast cancer risk

This may not be the kind of news you want to hear if you’ve already had a hard life, but Israeli scientists have found that women who experience numerous negative experiences events in life are at a greater risk of breast cancer, than contemporaries who lead easier lives.

Light at night raises breast cancer risk

Exposure to light at night may be a significant cause of breast cancer, according to Israeli researchers who have discovered that women in well-lit neighborhoods are 37 percent more likely to suffer from the disease than contemporaries living in dark areas.

US-Canadian fund looks to Israeli cancer researchers for answers

At first it was founded to stem the scientific ‘brain drain’ from Israel, but the Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) now says it is looking to Israeli scientists for a prescription to stop cancer deaths. They recently moved a step closer.

Israeli clinical trials help new breast cancer drug Tykerb win FDA approval

A once-a-day breast cancer pill has won approval from the FDA thanks in part to clinical trials conducted by Israeli researchers. On Tuesday, GlaxoSmithKline won US approval for the pill – called Tykerb – that the drug maker hopes will launch a new era in oncology.

Israeli ‘virtual cancer’ engine accurately predicts breast cancer patients’ response to treatment

Israeli biotechnology start-up Optimata has won a seal of approval for its new computerized virtual cancer patient technology from Cancer Research UK after a successful trial at Nottingham City Hospital.

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