Israeli digital identity solution company SuperCom has announced it will increase the production of its electronic bracelet Covid-19 quarantine solution following the completion of its pilot project at Israel’s airport.

The recent pilot program offered travelers landing at Ben-Gurion International Airport the option to home quarantine using the company’s PureCare technology suite that includes a GPS and Bluetooth-based mobile phone, an electronic bracelet and an electronic home tag.

People who did not participate in the pilot were instructed to quarantine at designated Covid hotels.

SuperCom reports that the people who participated in the pilot noted a positive and comfortable experience and that Israel’s Health Ministry has expressed interest in the product ahead of the airport opening to heavier traffic. As such, the company has increased its potential production capacity to more than 20,000 units per month.

“We are very pleased with this pilot, utilizing our proprietary technology with persons under home-quarantine in Israel, and we are proud to help Israel validate an important strategy to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus,” says SuperCom President and CEO Ordan Trabelsi.

“As new coronavirus mutations continue to spread, governments and healthcare agencies continue searching for tools that assist their efforts in fighting this pandemic. After testing different variations of our technology and program structures, we believe we may have achieved a comprehensive solution for comfortable and effective quarantine compliance,” he added.

Meanwhile, some commentators have expressed concern about the proposed electronic bracelet solution, particularly that a private company will hold information on participants. SuperCom, however, has guaranteed that personal information will remain secure.