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Singapore-based Horizon Quantum Computing, a leading quantum computing software company, chose Tel Aviv- based Quantum Machines (QM) to build a first-of-its-kind quantum computing testbed.

The testbed will allow Horizon to run the software they’re developing on a variety of different quantum computing platforms.

By acquiring its own hardware, Horizon gains full control over both hardware and software stacks, allowing it to push the frontiers of quantum computing.

Rather than utilizing a single-vendor solution, the company has purposely selected best-in-class components from different providers. This modularity allows Horizon to integrate its software stack with different hardware configurations and upgrade the system over time.

The first system will be based on a Novera quantum processor from Rigetti Computing and OPX1000, the processor-based quantum controller from Quantum Machines. The integrated system is expected to be installed by early 2025.

“Recent progress on quantum processors and error correction has underscored the rapid pace of progress in the field. We are taking the step of creating this testbed because we believe that tight integration between hardware and software is the shortest path to truly useful quantum computing,” said Joe Fitzsimons, founder and CEO at Horizon Quantum Computing. “We are delighted to work with Rigetti Computing and Quantum Machines on our first system.”

Itamar Sivan, cofounder and CEO of Quantum Machines, said, “We’re excited to partner with Horizon Quantum Computing and Rigetti Computing in this pioneering initiative. Our approach has always emphasized scalability, interoperability and modularity, principles that resonate with Horizon’s Triple Alpha.

“This collaboration with industry pioneers like Horizon and Rigetti not only showcases the adaptability and effectiveness of our processor-based OPX1000 controller in diverse setups, but also marks a significant step forward in the collective journey towards useful quantum computers.”

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