March 12, 2017

An electric skateboard version of the Titanic won over the Internet for Purim 2017. But Trump lookalikes, Zombies and an array of other colorful characters also made lots of folks smile during this year’s Purim festival.

The Purim holiday is a time of celebration and also a time for self-expression. Israeli creativity is at its best as children and adults dress up for the holiday.

Aviram Carmeli, of Tel Aviv, dressed up as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet – stars of the “Titanic” movie — and rode through city streets on an electric skateboard that looked like the ill-fated cruise ship.

This was actually the second time Carmeli hit online fame for Purim. Last year, he converted his electric skateboard into a flying carpet and donned an Aladdin costume while riding through the streets of Tel Aviv.

The city of Tel Aviv-Yafo hosted its annual Purim Zombie Walk and Purim Street Party over the weekend and residents came dressed to the nines.

US President Donald Trump was a favorite costume this year among children and adults. He was also the star caricature of the Holon Adloyada Purim Parade.

According to Jewish tradition, Purim celebrates the events described in the biblical book of Esther, in which Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai help the Jewish people in the ancient Persian Empire triumph over the evil court official Haman and his plot to kill the Jews.

And while many go to synagogue to hear the reading of the Purim story (megilla), it has become customary to take part in week-long celebrations that range from parties to parades to just good ol’ dress up fun.

Israeli girls in costumes on March 8, 2017, walking in Jerusalem ahead of Purim. Photo by Hadas Parush/FLASH90

As such, you can find waiters and bus drivers and doctors and store clerks working in costume.