November 9, 2023

The high-tech sector, long a pillar and powerhouse of Israel’s economy and recognized globally for its contributions, is essential to Israel’s security. It has been hit hard this war, with statistics showing that as much as 25% of the sector’s talented young workforce has been recruited for the war effort, primarily as military reserves. 

The good news is that despite these challenges, the Israeli high-tech ecosphere hasn’t let up. It continues to develop essential innovative technologies. Yet it needs our support.

In response, Built Up Ventures and Besadno Group have launched a new Security Fund as part of an emergency Impact Investment Campaign to raise capital for its portfolio and affiliate companies involved in the defense, homeland security, and essential medical care sectors. 

The security fund is a unique opportunity to make a meaningful investment in innovations that are strengthening Israel’s defense and homeland security from drone management and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) solutions, 3D technology, and innovative medical services and solutions to treat civilians and soldiers. 

Besadno’s Vice President of Business Development, Tomer Cohen, articulated the challenge. “Now more than ever, during Israel’s precarious economic predicament, it is critical to support Israeli high tech. In particular, by investing in sectors that aid Israel’s security, defense, and medical needs. This support by way of impact investment also presents an attractive opportunity for the accredited investor. ”

Airwayz Unmanned Traffic Management technology (Photo by AdobeStock)
Airwayz Unmanned Traffic Management technology (Photo by AdobeStock)

The fund includes some of the most impressive technology, particularly in the drone tech arena. Airwayz’s Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) safely manages autonomous drone fleets. It uses Artificial Intelligence and cloud-based software for multi-fleet coordination and flight route optimization. Another leading innovative company in this field is Wonder Robotics’ Wonderland product that can be installed on any drone, enabling it to identify the most suitable areas for safe precision landings, even during emergencies. 

Urban Aeronautics’ compact Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft features dual-enclosed rotors and five passenger capability. It can safely land in rural and urban confined areas, even in harsh weather conditions.

Urban Aeronautics Emergency evacuation model (Photo by UA)
Urban Aeronautics Emergency evacuation model (Photo by UA)

The fund also includes cutting edge technology in the mixed reality field where 3D simulation for defense become crucial and augmented reality realms become increasingly sought after. 

Augmind enables content creators and developers to design realistic 3D content for Virtual and Mixed Reality. 

There are multiple companies who are making significant impact in the MedTech field as well. CardiacSense’s medical watch provides continuous, accurate, monitoring of heart arrhythmias and blood pressure. Backed by a strong IP portfolio that includes developments in optics, mechanics, and signal processing, it is in advanced stages of FDA & CE certification.

Filterlex Medical is a medical device startup company developing the Captis, a full-body embolic protection device, designed to protect the aorta’s surface during surgical procedures. Its triple-action design provides full-body embolic protection by deflecting, capturing, and removing embolic particles. 

MedDesks command-and-control smart desks for medical staff enable a simplified workflow and streamlined process for sharing medical records. It features an ultra-wide touchscreen, automated transcription/dictation capability, hands-free voice command technology, a built-in AI data assistant, and a camera, microphone, and speakers for telemedicine.

“During these trying times of war, it is crucial that these innovative companies continue their operations. BuiltUp Ventures is dedicated to harnessing these technologies and are seeking strategic partners who share our vision for a safer and healthier country by empowering Israeli startups in these fields”, explained Cohen.

For more information regarding the Security Fund, click here. (Please note that you must be an accredited investor) 

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