Naama Barak
November 5, 2023

At times like these, when there are simply no words to describe the atrocities and pain experienced by people throughout Israel, music can be the answer.

Many people have been finding comfort and inspiration in their favorite music and artists, some of whom have been touring up and down the country to perform for soldiers, for the wounded in hospitals and for bereaved families, bringing them hope and reassurance.

Jasmin Moallem, one of the hottest names in Israeli music at the moment, joined forces with police commando fighters in Jerusalem to perform her newest song. Sitting next to a commando playing her song on the guitar, she sang alongside him, letting him lead the singing. She, he and listeners everywhere were hugely touched.


יסמין מועלם הגיעה לבקר את מסתערבי מג״ב ירושלים ולשיר יחד עם הלוחמים ????????????

♬ סאונד מקורי – משמר הגבול

Israel’s veteran and beloved singer Shlomi Artzi was also the favorite artist of Yonatan Rom, a young man who was murdered in the rave in Israel’s south. Sitting next to Rom’s family, Artzi sang to them and held their hands, bringing them some comfort in their tragedy.

Another beloved Israeli singer, Shiri Maimon, visited wounded soldiers in the hospital and sang to them. Later, she would share how hard she tried to keep it together in front of them, only allowing herself to cry after leaving their bedsides. 

Singer Ivri Lider also made rounds in the hospital, performing for the medical staff that gathered around him. He also sang to soldiers at an Air Force base up north, right on the tarmac to enable the soldiers to get back to their work right away if need be. 

Sadly, Lider also sang at the funeral of Capt. Sagi Golan, where he performed the very same song that was planned for Golan’s wedding with his partner, originally scheduled for only days later. 

Soldiers’ favorite pop star Omer Adam, meanwhile, marked his 30th birthday by performing for soldiers in multiple performances that appear to have lifted the spirits of both the performer and his rapt audiences.

Another favorite singer, Hanan Ben Ari, made one soldier’s day – quite literally. A soldier called Nadav was meant to get married but was away on duty on the actual date. His friends organized for the wedding to take place on the base, and got Ben Ari to sing to the newlyweds, bringing much joy and hope all around.

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