Jerusalem-based OurCrowd equity crowdfunding platform has launched OurNetwork, a new collaboration program leveraging OurCrowd’s global network to provide industry-leading multinationals with access to disruptive, cutting-edge startups.

In a statement issued June 22, OurCrowd explained that multinationals often find it challenging to keep pace with the growing ecosystem and global trends, and are keenly interested in partnering with, and investing in, agile technology companies that can materially impact their business.

Of course, the benefits of the collaborations are expected to go both ways.

Laly David, OurCrowd Business Development Partner and head of OurNetwork. Photo: courtesy

“Through OurNetwork, startups will have greater exposure and the opportunity to partner with these extraordinary companies,” said Laly David, OurCrowd Business Development Partner and head of OurNetwork.

“We have already facilitated dozens of successful partnerships, resulting in millions of dollars of business transactions to date for our portfolio companies.”

Two examples are GE Ventures’ co-investment in mPrest and Samsung Ventures Israel’s co-investment in Replay Technologies and Corephotonics.

Some 25 global corporations have so far signed up for the new OurNetwork program, including Honda, GE, Samsung Ventures Israel, Intuit, SAP, Autodesk and YESBank.

“We look forward to collaborating more actively via OurCrowd’s new OurNetwork platform,” said Samsung Ventures Israel founder Gonzalo Martinez de Azagra.