January 14, 2018, Updated January 17, 2018

Two days after we posted a story on SmokeBeat, a mobile app from Israeli startup Somatix that pairs smartphone sensors with psychology to help people quit smoking, it was incorporated into an article in the online digital health publication mHealth Intelligence.

The SmokeBeat item went on to be picked up by about 50 other media outlets internationally.

“This outcome is a direct result of a compelling story being covered by a respected news outlet,” Ruthie Weitz-Leopold, VP of Product & Marketing for Somatix, tells ISRAEL21c.

“Today’s digital world is built for the sharing of positive stories, and we are gratified that the SmokeBeat story is being shared in this way, as we believe it can make a difference in smoking addiction and cessation.”

Nicole Grubner, Senior Account Executive at Finn Partners marketing communications firm in Jerusalem, who had brought her client Somatix to ISRAEL21c’s attention, remarked: “Seeing the explosion of this story speaks to the outstanding reach and global credibility of ISRAEL21c.”

Grubner adds, “It’s gratifying to see a story like this spread globally, knowing that an exponentially larger number of people now know how Somatix is trying to impact and improve smoking cessation. It’s certainly a strong case study in my PR experience.”

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Jason Harris

Jason Harris

Executive Director