Israeli-American jazz musician Omar Avital is introducing American audiences to the rich traditions of Israeli music, blending east and west to create perfect harmony.

Critics call him a poet of the bass, and he is considered by international musicians and fans as one of the most innovative and exceptional musicians of his generation. Meet Israeli-American jazz musician Omar Avital.

Raised in a Tel Aviv suburb and with parents from Yemen and Morocco, 38-year-old Avital is trying to reconcile musical influences from both the Middle East and the west in his music.

It’s a mix that seems to be working well. His performances in New York, where he now lives, are booked up quickly and it’s not uncommon for clubs to turn patrons away for lack of space. 

He has played with some of America’s greatest contemporary jazz musicians including Winton Marsalis, Joshua Redmond, Roy Haynes and Brad Mehldau. Critics call him a virtuoso as well as a creative force.