Ayelet Zurer is securing her position as the most successful Israeli actress in Hollywood. After starring alongside Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor in Angels & Demons, which earned $500 million worldwide, Zurer has landed the leading female role in director Chris Eyre’s new film A Year in Mooring, due out in 2011.

The film’s cast also includes Josh Lucas (A Beautiful Mind, Sweet Home Alabama). One of the busiest and most captivating actresses in Hollywood these days, Zurer plays a waitress who becomes involved with the main character.

Zurer describes the film as “a lyrical and poetic drama,” adding that, “The script is beautiful and this project appears to combine talent, motivation and passion. I like the issues it deals with.”

A Year in Mooring tells the story of a successful businessman who is seeking to escape his tragic past. In an attempt to deal with his grief he leaves his home to settle in a boat mooring in a tranquil port, only to discover that most of the locals are adventurous characters with dubious or troubled pasts themselves.