Antimicrobial surface coatings developed by Jerusalem-based Bio-Fence to kill bacteria in food production environments also effectively destroy viruses, the startup announced.

Established in 2018 in The Kitchen FoodTech Hub owned by the Strauss Group in collaboration with Israel Innovation Authority, Bio-Fence has proven its coatings effective in laboratories and food sites in Israel and worldwide.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, the company decided to test its coatings against viruses as well.

Ben-Gurion University virologist Prof. Mahmoud Huleihel found that Bio-Fence products destroy the herpes virus, which is significantly more durable than the Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19) coronavirus.

Researchers at the university are also developing their own antiviral coatings, using nanoparticles of copper and other metals. Rather than metals, the Bio-Fence product contains active chlorine stabilized by an innovative polymer, based on core technology developed at the Israel Institute of Biological Research.

Bio-Fence products can be used for coating walls, floors, partitions and surfaces in institutions, hotels, offices, factories, train stations, airports, airplanes and more. The coatings are transparent and can be sprayed or painted on without damaging coated surfaces. The stabilized chlorine is meant to make the coating long lasting; Bio-Fence is developing a kit to test when it should be reapplied.

“For the past two years, Bio-Fence has developed technology that eradicates bacteria and viruses,” said Bio-Fence CEO Ofer Shoham.

“In recent weeks, the company’s development team, led by Dr. Maria Hitrik, has been working day and night to make sure our technology is effective against the virus. I believe that with Bio-Fence’s technology we will be able to help society regain some normalcy by maintaining spaces safe from bacteria’s and viruses.”

After receiving development grants from the Israeli Innovation Authority and additional capital from strategic investors, Bio-Fence is transitioning to production mode in collaboration with Israeli chemical and paint manufacturers. The launch of its first coating products is expected within months.

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