Yulia Karra
March 30, 2023

A unique, artificial intelligence-based system is helping paramedics in Israel save lives by transcribing poor-quality emergency phone calls and saving precious time for first responders in providing care.

The technology was developed by AudioCodes, an Israeli company that offers advanced voice networking and media processing solutions, and was recently installed at the 101 Emergency Dispatch Center of Magen David Adom, Israel’s national emergency services organization. The tech was developed in full cooperation with the MDA, according to the company..

The system, which the company says is the first of its kind in the world, transcribes the call in real-time, helping the emergency medical technicians and paramedics provide a faster and more professional response in cases where the quality of the call is poor.

The system has internalized keywords associated with medical emergencies, allowing the dispatcher to concentrate on the information provided by the caller, who is normally under great pressure, even when surrounded by noise. This saves the time that normally goes toward asking the callers to repeat themselves.

CEO of AudioCodes Shabtai Adlersberg said the call-transcribing system allows for “ultimate management of the call taking system, reducing response times and saving lives.”

“MDA is an early adopter of AI tools as part of its preparations for its future needs, and that is an honor for us, as a global company used to marketing and selling its products overseas, to work to benefit MDA and the Israeli public,” he said.

Adlersberg says the system continues to undergo development that will improve it in the future, including the ability to emphasize important keywords to bring them to paramedics’ attention, and to transcribe in other languages.

MDA Deputy Director General for Community Dr. Eli Jaffe said: “We have taken another significant step by advancing new lifesaving technology along with AudioCodes. Integrating AI allows us to improve the first response, to quickly and effectively understand the content of the call, and to reduce the time needed to obtain the required details and dispatch teams to the field during an emergency call.”

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