June 29, 2009, Updated September 24, 2012

Jun. 29 – The world’s first museum of the Jewish People is now being built in Tel Aviv and is expected to open to local and international visitors in 2012. The $25 million project was announced last week by Leonid Nevzlin at a meeting of the International Board of Governors of Beth Hatefutsoth. Nevzlin, the chairman of the organization said the new three-floor museum, to be built on Tel Aviv University campus, will be 16,000 square meters, and will tell the story of the Jewish people, from its origins until today. The interactive museum will be constructed in Beth Hatefutsoth?s Nahum Goldmann building, which is to be rebuilt for the exhibition. It will be financed by the Government of Israel, the Claims Conference, the NADAV Fund and other international donors. Architects, historians and consultants from Israel and abroad have already begun planning work. The museum is expected to be the largest experiential and interactive one in Israel.

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