Motorola Solutions has announced a new innovation center and technological incubator in Israel that will deal with cyber, analytics, mobile and the Internet of Things.

The innovation center will be located in Airport City.

“When we think about additional PhDs, data scientists, high-tech resources around analytics and cyber, Motorola wants to put more resources here in Israel. This is an outstanding area for innovation, technology incubation, joint venture investment,” said Motorola Solutions Chairman and CEO Greg Brown during a visit to Israel last week.

“What we have decided to do is that in addition to the US, specifically Silicon Valley, we will invest in start-up companies here in Israel, emerging nascent technologies, next-generation, that I think will allow us to differentiate our solutions and technologies and strengthen the competitive effectiveness of Israel.”

Motorola Solutions sees its Israeli branch as a strategic asset and that the establishment of the center expresses its continued long-term commitment to Israel and Israeli industry, which began in the 1960’s with the establishment – in Israel – of the company’s first development center outside North America.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who welcomed Brown to Jerusalem, said: “I hope that other multi-national companies in the development of technologies come to Israel because they’ll benefit.”

Motorola Solutions also recently announced its role in a new Jerusalem-based technological incubator. Israel’s National Innovation Authority (Office of the Chief Scientist) recently chose Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) to operate the incubator.

The JVP led group includes Motorola Solutions, Reliance Industries and Yissum, the Research Development Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

“Motorola Solutions is a leading technology partner of many public safety users around the world. Our deep understanding of mission-critical solutions combined with the infusion of the start-up mentality will create an exciting opportunity to advance the future of public safety capabilities,” said Eduardo Conrado, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Motorola Solutions. “This incubator opens new avenues to engage the most creative minds and best talent to re-imagine the potential of technology. We are looking forward to partner with JVP, Reliance and Yissum to drive this initiative.”

The JVP Labs Incubator will invest in startups in enterprise software, media technologies, Internet of Things (IOT), smart government and city technologies.