For most of us, the biggest impact of the coronavirus crisis is the fact that we have to stay at home, trying our best to get our work done and preventing the kids from killing each another.

But for essential workers getting to work is an absolute must, a point that is proving tricky considering that public transport is more or less a thing of the past.

This is where Moovit, the Israeli urban transit app, has decided to step in. In regular times, it provides comprehensive public transport information to its many millions of users across the globe. Since use of public transport has plummeted due to COVID-19 regulations, the company decided to launch its Emergency Mobilization On-Demand service to get essential workers to their jobs safely.

The solution enables transit agencies, operators and large corporations to transform their existing, unused vehicle fleets into an alternative form of transportation into an on-demand service to get essential workers to their destination.

Using the Moovit app or a transit agency app powered by Moovit, riders can request an on-demand or pre-scheduled ride as well as select a pickup/dropoff location. The company’s algorithms enable multiple riders to share the journey while keeping in line with health regulations such as the permitted number of passengers per vehicle.

“As a platform that millions around the world count on for public transportation and micro-mobility information and guidance, Moovit is closely monitoring the impact of the coronavirus on our users and partners, agencies and private companies,” said YovavMeydad, Moovit’s chief growth and marketing officer.

“By simply converting existing resources into an alternative mode of transportation, we can help get essential workers to their destination in a way that keeps both them and the driver safe.”

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