Cybox, a new contest that will annually select and announce the most innovative cyber defense startup in Israel, picked Minerva Labs as its first winner and the company most likely to make a significant impact on information security.

Minerva Labs — founded in 2014 by Edi Bobritzki, Erez Briman and Omri Moyal — has developed a novel, revolutionary product that protect systems from focused attacks without the need of prior knowledge, intelligence or recognition. In fact, the company’s patent-based solution created a new paradigm (prevention without recognition).

Minerva Labs was one of five companies selected to present its product in the Cybox competition that took place at the Cybertech 2016 conference. CyberTech organizers joined forces with Glilot Capital Partners to launch the Cybox contest.

“In the last years Israel has positioned itself as a source of innovation in the Cyber Security field. The CYBOX Contest will allow the next promising companies to get targeted exposure,”said  Arik Kleinstein, CO-Founder & Managing Partners, Glilot Capital Partners.

Other companies to present included Solebit LABS — a global provider of breakthrough cybersecurity solutions that helps organizations avoid the first stage of cyber-attacks; Deep Instinct — the first company to apply deep learning to cybersecurity; Sixgill – that monitors and analyses the Darknet automatically while keeping its activity clandestine; and IntSights – a brand new startup with innovative technology that identifies Web cyber threats (including Darknet) by special search abilities, and handles threats before they penetrate an organization network.