Microsoft mulls purchase of Israeli gaming technology companySoftware giant Microsoft is reportedly in talks to acquire Israeli company, 3DV Systems for $30-40 million.
3DV, which was founded in 1996, has developed video camera technology capable of capturing the depth dimension of objects in real time, enabling it to sense motion and recognize shape within a dynamically defined three-dimensional space.
The company was set up by Rafael Development Corporation (RDC), a joint venture of Elron and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, to commercialize Rafael’s missile electro-optic technology patents. It has raised $38 million to date.
It is thought that if the purchase goes through, 3DV’s technology could be used to give Microsoft Xbox a stronger punch.
Microsoft Israel currently employs 600 employees at its R7D centers in Haifa and Herzliya.
Elron Electronic Industries, which has a controlling stake in 3DV, declined to comment on reports.