Mekorot to build new water recycling plant for Beersheva area National water company Mekorot will invest NIS 50 million in construction of a water recycling center near Beersheva. The recycling center, including pumping station, reservoirs and pipelines, will be located adjacent to the new water purification center serving the cities of Hebron, Meitar, Carmit, Lakiya, Hura and the Shomriya region. It will produce water suitable for agriculture, make more drinking water available, and is expected to provide 3.2 million cubic meters of water per year. Mekorot noted that purified water would reduce the level of pollution entering the water table, rivers and seas. 90% of wastewater in Israel is treated with 75% used for irrigation, one of the world’s highest rates. Mekorot further announced successful cloud seeding efforts this winter, with 260 flight hours in the November-February period, of which 146 were in February alone, compared with 138 flight hours last year. Most flights were conducted in the Galilee region.