Rachel Neiman
April 11, 2014, Updated March 28, 2014

Matza — also known as the bread of affliction — is generally not considered a sensual delight. Crunchy? Yes. Cardboard consistency? You got it. Difficult to digest? Roger that. But a delicious delicacy? Not so much.

Like it or not, matza is on the menu every Passover and so — having no other recourse — we dress it up with sweet toppings, savory spices, egg coatings and all manner of mix-ins. But on Seder night, it’s four glasses of wine and three pieces of plain matza that make up the meal which opens and closes with — you guessed it — matza.


The topography of matza — ridges, furrows, perforations, lights and darks — is the subject of a holiday-themed series by food photographer Yula Zubritsky


Through her lens, matza becomes a graphic element…


And an architectural one…

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Here’s a novel way to hide the Afikomen — in plain sight!


Who knew matza could be so sexy?

Zubritsky sells prints through her website and is also marketing matza-themed e-cards — in Hebrew and English — that are fitted to Facebook page cover dimensions. The perfect way to greet your virtual visitors over the holiday. May it be a happy one! 

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