A delegation of leading American energy specialists is currently visiting Israel to discuss best practices in the fields of renewable energy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

The visit, organized by Project Interchange, an educational institute of AJC, will showcase Israeli advances in renewable and alternative energy technologies. The week-long program is also intended to establish strategic partnerships, foster professional cooperation, and encourage information-sharing between US energy specialists and their Israeli counterparts.

The delegation features some of the US energy sector’s most prominent figures, including 2007 Nobel Peace Prize co-recipient Professor Marilyn Brown (designated for her work on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change); Michael Eckhart, President of the American Council on Renewable Energy; Jeff Anderson, Executive Director of the Clean Economy Network; Gregory Staple, CEO, American Clean Skies Foundation; and other top energy experts from government, the business world and the non-profit sector.

The energy specialists will meet with leaders of Israeli companies that deal with solar, electric car, and renewable energy technologies.

The delegation will also make visits to sites showcasing ground-breaking Israeli technologies, such as the water desalination plant at Palmachim; the Arava Renewable Technology Energy Center; and BrightSource Energy, recently lauded by US President Barack Obama for its leadership in the solar power industry.