The recipe of chocolate and children usually creates images of laughter, joy and fun. But an Israeli commercial promoting a dark chocolate bar has Internet viewers laughing till they cry at the faces of disgust the kids in the advert demonstrate upon biting into Splendid brand chocolate.

The Strauss Group has won local chocolate competitions for its Elite Splendid series. The dark chocolate is made from five types of cocoa beans, making it too bitter for younger tasters.

That’s the point of the ad by Israeli agency Baumann Ber Rivnay (BBR) Saatchi & Saatchi Israel, the same firm behind the viral commercial for razor blades that garnered nearly six million views.

These cute little girls and boys may not like the taste of dark chocolate now but, as the advertisement suggests, they will love it when they’re older.

The hilarious ad has been shared by TIME magazine, Viral Thread and BuzzFeed. Even viral hit-maker George Takei shares it on his Facebook page.