Jun. 16 –  Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat announced this week that he plans to raise NIS 100 million in investments for the biomed industry in his city. At a reception organized by Yissum Technology Transfer Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Barkat told the audience that over the next five years, the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Development Authority, intend to raise and invest about NIS 100 million to promote the health and life sciences business cluster in the capital city. Barkat was speaking as part of the ILSI Biomed 2009 conference, which was held in Tel Aviv this week. At the event Barkat said that he intends to award financial incentives in order to encourage biomed companies to come to Jerusalem. He also said that he wants to turn the city, which already boasts some 110 biomed companies employing over 3,250 people, into a Special Economic Zone, with tax benefits for high-tech and biotech companies.