IQwind of Israel and Guascor of Spain last week announced a partnership agreement. Guascor will commercialize the Innovative Variable IQGearTM Technology for Wind Turbines.

Guascor will manufacture IQwind’s high efficiency, breakthrough variable gearbox that squeezes maximum energy from new and existing wind turbines, for the European wind market and directly sell and service IQGears in Spain.

The partnership brings together IQwind’s innovative wind turbine technology, which was featured in ISRAEL21c last <a href=”″><strong>September</strong></a> and the operational and market expertise of Guascor, an international leader in the production and distribution of renewable energy power systems.

Increasing the overall potential and cost-effectiveness of wind as an alternative renewable energy source, the IQwind variable gear can be both retrofitted into existing turbines and utilized as a standard component in newly-manufactured turbines. The high efficiency IQwind technology can reduce the cost of energy (COE) by up to 20 percent compared to the best existing wind turbines.

The companies will scale up to bring additional retrofitted and new turbines to the European market in 2011 and beyond.