News 5 Cleveland reported recently that Tel Aviv-based BlueGreen Water Technologies successfully treated a toxic algae bloom in Ohio’s Chippewa Lake.

“All summer long, toxic algae blooms have been plaguing water sources around Northeast Ohio, with officials warning about the dangers they pose to people and even pets. Now, there could be a solution on the horizon thanks to a company out of Israel,” News 5 Cleveland reported.

BlueGreen’s EPA-approved Lake Guard solution was distributed in a targeted way into the Chippewa from a boat after the lake’s situation was thoroughly assessed. The formula kills the cyanobacteria that make up the bloom and then dissolves harmlessly.

“Lake Guard was designed to fuse market-approved, well-validated algaecides with a novel delivery mechanism thereby removing all pre-existing limitations in terms of feasibility, affordability and eco-friendliness,” according to the company.

“It’s a good way to protect the fish, protect all the beneficial algae, and all the plants that are in the lake, so we are very optimistic,” said Mark Krosse, a volunteer with the Save the Lake Coalition in Ohio.

According to the US-based Environmental Working Group, “In recent years, algae blooms – actually microscopic bacteria called cyanobacteria – have erupted in hundreds of lakes nationwide, putting at risk Americans whose drinking water comes from those lakes, or who swim, ski or fish in them.”

BlueGreen Water Technologies has previously applied its solutions in Israel, China and South Africa.