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January 8, 2008, Updated September 13, 2012

“It’s a way of trying to figure out history and information,” Addy Feuerstein, founder of AllofMe.It was a desire for organization over his digital assets that led Addy Feuerstein to found Internet start-up AllofMe.

“It was a way of trying to figure out history and information,” says the 41-year-old entrepreneur. “There was an obvious need for a system that would aggregate all our digital assets together in a way that made sense.”

Less than a year later, that’s exactly what Feuerstein and co-founder Tal Yaniv have done. Tel-Aviv based AllofMe, which will launch in January, is a new web site that lets users consolidate e-mails, photos, YouTube videos, blogs, documents and more to create a single digital timeline.

The service, which is still under wraps, is designed to help family members organize their digital assets and share them easily with each other creating a kind of zoomable script of their lives. Aside from creating their own chronological timelines, users will be able to compare their timelines with that of friends and relatives, and even with historical events to see where you were when an important world event occurred.

In addition, users will be able to transform their timelines into video movies, using a widget on the Internet site.

“It’s strange and absurd but the more channels for sharing information we have, whether it’s emails, the web, cellphones, blogs etc. the more dispersed the media becomes,” Feuerstein told ISRAEL21c. “Everyone involved in a party say has pictures, videos and maybe written information on the event but there are so many different channels for this information that it gets lost. The more channels we have to support our digital assets, the more mess it creates.”

The goal is also to keep your privacy. The media used in the timelines is not published for every member of the public to see, but only for selected friends and family.

Feuerstein, a user interface designer who worked for many years at Zappa (later Gizmoz), set up AllofMe in May 2007. Soon after the company received seed funding of an undisclosed sum from Internet entrepreneur Yossi Vardi, one of the brains behind Mirabilis, and Shlomo Nehama, the former chairman of Bank Hapoalim, both of whom also jointly invested in video start-up Linqee.

“Vardi is probably the true angel in angel investment,” admits Feuerstein. “The money is the smallest thing he gives us. He’s really a true partner, helping us all the way. Sometimes we feel the company was founded by three people not two.”

The site is now up and running and the company, which employs eight and is in the midst of its first round of fundraising with private investors, plans to launch it at beta stage in at a conference in Munich between January 20-22. “Once it’s stable enough for the public, we will release it,” says Feuerstein.

“We’re trying to build something very emotional and personal,” says Feuerstein. “Usually when people see their lives within AllofMe they get very excited. It allows them suddenly to make sense of their memories in relationship with other people. I hope users will love it.”


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