New biometric airport technology from Israel unveiled yesterday could reduce airport security checks and make flights safer.

Machines that recognize passengers using a biometric triple identification system have been installed at Israel’s international airport.

The biometric scanners are similar in size and appearance to cash machines. They first scan the passport, then the fingerprint and finally the Unipass card that contains personal details and allows airport security guards to access information about the traveler.

The machines are fitted with cameras that snap a picture of the traveler and compare it to the card. Travelers then answer basic security questions.

Two hundred and fifty travelers have already signed up for the system which is currently only available to Israel’s flagship airline El Al’s business class passengers.

The homegrown technology developed by the Airport Authority is the first of its kind. While the Unipass system will not replace human checkers, it will make their job faster and more efficient. It is currently being tested and if successful will be installed at all Israeli ports and borders next year.

Israel has long been a world leader in airport security, as a result of hijackings and other attacks in past decades.