July 18, 2011, Updated September 11, 2012

Facebook’s launch this week of its new ‘Facebook for Every Phone’ app is based on software developed by the Israeli start-up Snaptu, which the social media giant acquired in March.

The new application is aimed at simple mobile phones that can download Java apps but are not smartphones. The app includes a lightweight News Feed, an Inbox for Facebook Messages, and a way to upload and share photos directly from a phone.

“Today, we’re launching the new Facebook for Every Phone app, which offers a fast and comprehensive Facebook experience on over 2,500 different phones,” the company said in a statement.

Israeli media outlets raised the question as to why it has taken Facebook so long to launch its newest application, citing that Snaptu’s technology also targeted regular mobiles phones.

Facebook said it would offer the new app free-of-charge for the first 90 days, thereby hoping to get mobile phone users hooked on the product.

Reports indicate that there are more than 250 million mobiles users across the globe.


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