January 10, 2010

Doctor Peh is a new Israeli product that prevents tooth decay and gum inflammation and can be used as an alternative to brushing your teeth.

It is based on a mixture of natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory medicinal herbs in a tea bag that work together as a rinse that sterilizes the mouth to keep teeth and gums healthy. The tea is naturally sweet and is said to have a pleasant, minty flavor.

Since dentists advise brushing after every meal, which is not always possible during a workday, the makers of Dr. Peh suggest that people drink a glass of Doctor Peh instead to maintain dental, oral and periodontal hygiene, refresh the mouth and prevent bad breath.

Doctor Peh (‘peh’ is mouth in Hebrew) was developed by dentist, Dr. Micha Rosental and the Israeli company, Nufar Natural Products.

Rosental says that, “… by drinking this tea we also treat by strengthening the immune system internally and thus we prevent… inflammation.”

The teabag may also be placed directly on an inflamed gum to help heal the inflammation and neutralize any unpleasant odors deriving from it.

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Jason Harris

Jason Harris

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