Doing our bit for the environment is important, but let’s face it, it’s often a little dull. You know, making all those eco-conscious decisions, schlepping to the recycling bins and doing the dishes instead of throwing out plastics.

Unless, that is, your green tableware is good enough to eat.

Incredibowl founder Adi Pollack serving drinks in edible Starcups. Photo: courtesy

This is what Israeli startup Incredibowl is all about – creating delicious and environmentally friendly tableware.

Founded in 2017, Incredibowl is developing edible savory salad bowls, sweet cereal bowls and — wait for it — edible shot glasses called Starcups. Because they know what’s important in life.

“Incredibowl creates edible tableware which can replace most disposable products and can be eaten whole or discarded in a compost,” founder Adi Pollack tells ISRAEL21c.

“Our made-in-Israel products are tasty, fun, sturdy and suitable for various kinds of food and beverages. They reduce the consumption of single-use plastics as well as the need for washing dishes.”

The first product available for sale (only in Israel, for now) is Starcups, which have a gummy-bear consistency and taste sweet, so they are great for alcoholic drinks or desserts. Order via the website or Facebook page, or write to

Starcup edible shot glasses come in a variety of flavors. Photo courtesy of Incredibowl

The cereal bowls still to come are made of cookie dough covered in chocolate (!) and will be available in a semi-sweet beet flavor, Oreo or regular cookie-dough flavor.

The savory salad bowls are made of cracker-like dough and will come in salty, paprika or za’atar flavors. Truly Israeli.

Incredibowl’s salad bowl tastes like a savory cracker. Photo: courtesy

The startup recently won ₪5,000 in a competition sponsored by the Aspire pre-acceleration program for female entrepreneurs of the AtoBe Entrepreneurship Center at Azrieli College of Engineering in Jerusalem.

Incredibowl products are kosher and will come in lactose-, egg- and gluten-free varieties, so everyone can enjoy saving the planet while snacking away. We can’t wait to pop these out at our next party.

For more information on Incredibowl, click here