Reusable antimicrobial SonoMasks from Israeli startup Sonovia Tech now are proven to be more than 90 percent effective against coronaviruses and 99.89% effective against other viruses, even up to 100 washings.

The cotton-polyester facemasks, sold online in four sizes, are infused with metal-oxide nanoparticles known to destroy bacteria and fungi, not just block them.

Tests at the Microspectrum lab in Shanghai in accordance with international standards confirm that the nanoparticles also are effective against the novel coronavirus, Sonovia announced this week.

Antimicrobial SonoMasks from Israel come in four sizes. Photo courtesy of Sonovia Tech

Another successful test of the SonoMask was completed last month at an Austrian medical lab using Vaccinia, a virus similar to SARS coronaviruses such as Covid-19.

Liora Attias of Sonovia’s business development team tells ISRAEL21c, “We predict that with our commercially treated masks we will attain 99% effectivity against the novel coronavirus with fast-track European lab fabric test application.”

Sonovia reportedly is conducting a pilot in Italy to use its fabric in private and public transportation vehicles.

The Ramat Gan-based company launched the made-in-Israel facemasks commercially at the beginning of March after donating large quantities to hospitals in Israel and Germany, and to nonprofit charity organizations in Israel, France, Germany, South Africa and Australia.

“The daily production is several thousand masks, and sales are currently several hundred thousand units,” Attias says. “We are currently in the R&D phase for other PPE equipment.”

To better service American customers, Sonovia set up a fulfilment facility in Connecticut. Click here for details.