Israeli Landscape is an exhibition of 30 photographs that opens this coming week at the Open Museum in Omer. The exhibit focuses on Israel’s landscapes from different perspectives and featuring works by noted photographers such as Simcha Shirman, Miriam (Marly) Shamir, Yigal Shem Tov and others.


Photo by Miriam (Marly) Shamir


Photo by Simcha Shirman


Photo by Yigal Shem Tov

The photos are part of a collection belonging to the Open Museum, a unique project that combines industry, art and heritage. There are three Open Museums in Israel, situated in the Tefen, Tel-Hai and Omer industrial parks.


Their location on the periphery, in the Galilee and in the Negev, is not coincidental; it is based on the belief long-held by industrialist Stef Wertheimer, founder of both the industrial parks and the museums, that Israel must strive for equilibrium between the central region and the periphery.

For more information, visit the Open Museum website and Facebook page.