Israeli inventor of EPROM chip named to US Nat’l Inventors Hall of FameDov Frohman-Bentchkowsky of Intel and founder of Intel Israel has been named to the 2009 US National Inventors Hall of Fame. Frohman-Bentchkowsky created the electrically programmable read-only memory chip, or EPROM, which could be erased by exposing it to ultraviolet light, then have new data written onto it. Today’s electronic devices like cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, and computers all rely on a form of this memory to store their operating systems. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the integrated circuit, the 2009 group represents advances related to or enabled by integrated circuit technology. In addition to Frohman-Bentchkowsky, the class includes inventors such as Jean Hoerni, developer of the manufacturing process for modern integrated circuits; Alfred Cho, who achieved a process used in creating devices such as the lasers used in CD and DVD players and drives; and George Heilmeier, who pioneered the first liquid crystal displays.