Jun. 28 –  Israeli company Sensible Medical Innovations, which is developing a non-invasive device for monitoring congestive heart failure (CHF), has raised $7 million in a fund raising round led by Genesis and Vitalife funds. Sensible Medical has developed an imaging method for internal organs based on IT technology. Today in medicine there is no non-invasive solution for monitoring heart failure, though some implanted devices have reached the market. The company was founded two years ago by Amir Ronen, CEO, Dan Rappaport, chief scientist, Amir Soroka, Nadav Mizrahi, and Shlomi Bergida. It recently won a $500,000 grant from the Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center, which is led by the Cleveland Clinic in the US. Sensible medical’s product has been successfully tested on animals and will now go forward to human trials.