February 10, 2010, Updated September 24, 2012

Israel’s University of Haifa has cut its electricity consumption by 22 percent, fuel oil consumption by 64% and water consumption by 11%, reducing costs and minimizing CO2 emissions and air pollution.

Last year the university was certified as a “Green Campus” by the Ministry of Environment and its impressive achievements in protecting the environment since October 2008 also include an 8% decrease in paper use, a 100% increase in paper recycling and the removal of 15 tons of electronic waste from the campus for safe disposal.

Most of the energy savings resulted from a number of projects carried out by the university’s Building and Maintenance Division, headed by the university engineer, Nabi Amar: Old cooling units were replaced; a more efficient heating tank was installed; old light bulbs were replaced with energy-saving bulbs; air conditioning operation was streamlined; and water-saving toilet tanks and faucets were installed. In addition, new flora to be planted will be Israeli flora that requires minimal irrigation.

The university has also adopted the nearby Neder River in the Carmel as a project to benefit both the environment and the community, and has held educational and clean-up activities on its banks.

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Jason Harris

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