August 19, 2009, Updated September 14, 2012

For some Jewish and Arab children music is proving to be the path to peace, as they join forces to create a unique music video exploring the message of coexistence.

Israeli and Palestinian children from the Windows of Peace program took part in a week long seminar to create a new musical video written and created by them.

The seminar, taught by counsellors from the British organization Point Blank, brings together Palestinian high school children from the West Bank with Jewish and Israeli Arab children in an effort to help them learn about and communicate with each other.

The ultimate message the children brought home – living together with humanity.

“There are more and more programs and together we have more impact,” says Rutie Atzmon, co-director of the Windows of Peace program. “It is part of a growing number of Israelis and Palestinians who really want to end the conflict.”

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